Monday, February 20, 2017

Wow its been a while since I posted in my blogger... Way too much has happened. 

July of last year, my daughter Ashley is having a baby. Due March 31, 2017. So excited.

Its a boy.  Julian Valente Diaz. 

This last winter December 2016 My oldest tells me she moving out.  Feb 19th,2017-We moved her to San Francisco, California. She will start her training with Lush Cosmetics. Training for Manager for the next year. 

Addison turned 9 years old.  We went to the snow.  She just loves it.  Growing fast.

Sam still with corrections.

I been with Meadowlark Lark Harvesting now for 2 years and loving it.  We keep going.

My household is getting smaller & smaller.

Til next month.  Pictures posting

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